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Legal Recourse for Wrongful Eviction in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

In Dubai’s evolving real estate landscape, tenants facing wrongful eviction due to landlords’ sale and subsequent rent increase encounter uncertainties. To address these concerns, this guide outlines legal avenues and proactive steps tenants can take to protect their rights.

Understanding Dubai’s Tenant Eviction Laws

Dubai’s housing regulations, overseen by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), mandate a one-year notice period for eviction, providing tenants ample time for recourse. Landlords must issue notarized eviction notices, citing reasons like property sale or repairs, failing which constitutes a breach of contract.

Proactive Steps for Tenants

In the event of suspected wrongful eviction, tenants must gather crucial documents such as lease agreements, eviction notices, and communication with the landlord. These documents serve as primary evidence during disputes.

Utilizing available applications to track real estate transactions is paramount. Monitoring these platforms allows tenants to observe rental rate changes, strengthening their case when submitting to the Rental Dispute Center (RDC).

Seeking Legal Guidance

Engaging reputable law firms specializing in real estate matters is pivotal. Experienced legal counsel assists tenants in navigating Dubai’s rental laws and ensures proper submission of their case to the RDC.

Addressing Compensation

In cases of wrongful eviction, compensation is determined based on the difference between original and new rental rates. For instance, if the original rent was AED 100,000 and the new rent is AED 150,000, potential compensation could amount to AED 50,000.

Initiating the compensation process involves filing a well-documented case with the RDC, challenging the eviction and securing entitled compensation.


Dubai’s property laws aim to balance landlords’ and tenants’ interests. However, practical enforcement relies on tenants’ vigilance and awareness. If wrongfully evicted, tenants must assert their rights through legal recourse. Being well-informed and proactive is crucial in navigating Dubai’s rental market complexities.

Published by Laith Wadi

Laith Wadi is a bilingual, Dubai-born Canadian National with a master’s degree in Corporate Law from the UK and a bachelor’s degree in International Development from Canada. He is fluent in Arabic and English and has a passion for commercial contracts, international law, business law, and Blockchain Law. He is well-versed in corporate matters such as mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures.



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