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RAALC, UAE’s first smart law firm, introduces innovative and brand-new legal services, intending to offer an expanded arena of services to our esteemed clientele and excellently structured services that are developed considering the constantly changing rules and regulations in the region and to suit every business needs. RAALC understands your industry… your business needs and the complications connected to the industries…Legal support is one of the fundamentals when running a business successfully and achieving growth in a long run…At every step, RAALC ensures the utmost and best results for the clients with their business needs.

Our Expertise…Your Success…

The businesses constantly face challenges and potential risks, which require constant legal attention and care …we create a wave of empowerment and trust for delivering focused and customized legal solutions that suits and meets the business needs. Thus, RAALC sketches out a protocol for the operations for achieving and delivering exceptional legal solutions. Every single step in our operations is led by a principal expert in your field.

Your own Corporate Counsel

RAALC strongly accept as true the fact that a business needs constant support and assistance of a corporate lawyer. RAALC has formulated a profile “Your own Corporate Counsel” …This profile is dedicated for complete A to Z legal assistance taking charge of promising legal haven of company operations.

You will have access to multi-experience professionals, who have a thorough knowledge of the procedures and the rules and legislations. RAALC assimilates the principles of the company, thereby offering precise legal guidance. RAALC comprehends a wider scenario of legal matters, where, it is privy to all the issues as well as its consequences. The corporate counsel is in a unique position to not only examine the concerns at hand but also foresee any potential abruptments that may arise.

The corporate counsel is directly involved in all the phases of a legal project…by steering…leading…. coordinating the company’s in-house legal management and playing a critical role in enhancing the legal aspects of the businesses. RAALC’s devoted services under the profile “Your own Corporate Counsel” … encompasses the tailored range of legal services and assistance, intending to achieve your business needs.

We offer experts who are always at your service. Legal concerns that are taken care of at the earliest occasion, supports the evasion of escalation of issues, promoting in continuous advancements in the industry.

Structuring your Business
Starting your own business?

It is well said that UAE is one of the globe’s prestigious corporate and commercial centres. UAE stands on a keen vision to offer supportive developments for the fast-paced corporate structures. It warmly welcomes expatriates from across the globe to start their entrepreneurial journeys.

One of the most key decisions to be taken when structuring your business is to choose the most efficient and favourable structure. The businesses have to take into consideration the long term and short-term objectives, the inherent risks attached to the businesses, the taxation, and regulatory.

RAALC outlined a Business Structuring profile encompassing a start to end organization for your business covering legal compliance of UAE laws and regulations, taxation, governmental registrations, and statutory requirements. Be it internal company agreements, regulating relationships between employer-employee, suppliers, clients, we are there at your service. RAALC structures your company from scratch. RAALC will assist in complete setup and advising with the perfect zone for your business considering the ease and smooth movement for your business.

RAALC entails to work out a system where a comprehensive blueprint of legal knowledge is put into consideration when forming a business. RAALC focuses on making the foundation of the business structure solid for better growth and development, thereby evading the potential risks and constant business challenges.

Finance your lawsuit with us

RAALC’s Credit Facility is a financial tool that is available to the clients who desire to pursue legal action in certain matters. Lawsuits are expensive and might advance gradually

A credit facility is legal funding where the client does not pay the professional fees and the out of pocket expenses until the complete enforcement and collection of the claim. RAALC bears the entire risk associated and the expenses that are borne during the course of litigation.

This facility is subject to eligibility by RAALC.


The “RAALCsurance” is afforded for matters of acquiescence for reducing the risk. To be true to its name, RAALCsurance mandates an assurance for the rights and best interests of the Client. RAALC puts forth a detailed and technical competence for assisting the Client to understand and manage risk.

RAALC endeavours to fruitfully manage risks and potential risks leading to avoiding the pitfalls. As the name suggests, RAALCsurance will provide assurance to every transaction/operation.

RAALCsurance harmonises the aversion of risks in the run-of-the-mill transactions for the Client. The main intention of RAALCsurance is to avoid/reduce risk to a point of determination where the legal perils are decreased.

RAALC’s Legal Training

RAALC offers complete legal training with courses specially customized for corporate giants.

The legal experts, who are the trainers, at RAALC strategizes a structured module to effectuate the legal training. The training is offered, swiftly, on a tailored topic on the UAE rules and regulations, suited best to the needs of the clients. The topics cover domestic laws and legislations and legal fundamentals.

Structure your Credits with RAALC

Having a customer who is defaulting your invoice ?

The structuring of the credits encompasses bargaining and negotiations with your debtors, in the UAE and overseas, demanding expedited payments of the company credits by negotiations and bargaining and documenting the settlement.

RAALC evaluates the matter, analyses the debtors’ behavior, understanding their conduct, and stand in the market. RAALC effectuates a streak of communication with the debtors by facilitating healthy negotiations to accord an amicable settlement to retrieve the debts and document in powerful terms and conditions.

RAALC ensures that your best interests are maintained and the business relationship with the defaulting entity is not hampered and risk is lessened while being in the position of a creditor.

RAALC’s Corporate Governance

RAALC’s Corporate Governance advisory is manifold, with document drafting, audit, and vetting to compliance services.

RAALC’s reserves and safeguards the rights and best interests of the Clients in consonance of the UAE laws and regulations.

An end to end compliance services by RAALC covers the appropriate application of the rules and policies to the businesses. RAALC ensures the apposite acquiescence of the laws and violations or any loss at the market.

RAALC’s corporate governance service includes principles of transparency, accountability, and security. We evaluate and understand the clear sense of the company’s goals. Corporate governance will facilitate entrepreneurial, effective and prudent management delivering and achieving long term success of the company.

Taxation and Accounting Services

We offer bespoke tax advisory service & meet the clients’ expectations according to the guidelines framed by the UAE Federal Tax Authority.

At RAALC, our FTA Approved Tax Agent helps you navigate through the increasingly complex tax environment.

  • VAT health check & Compliance
  • VAT Impact Assessment and Implementation
  • VAT Registration and De-registration
  • Internal and External Audit
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Risk Advisory

Our team of accountants, payroll specialists, and tax advisors provide comprehensive assistance, starting with the selection of the right ownership structure & forms of running the business, effective financing, safe investment & optimal exit strategy.

  • Monthly Management Reporting
  • IFRS Technical Support
  • Cloud Computing
  • Part-Time Accounts / Finance Manager

Exit Strategies for your Business

RAALC Law Firm offers legal solutions for an exit plan specially customized for each company and situation. We work on identifying and devising ways to circumvent cases of bankruptcy and liquidation by determining all the possible legal solutions which are apart from the scope of the court in the region.


Bankruptcy is a restructuring process as initiated by the debtor, wherein, the client wishes to declare bankruptcy for its company. RAALC assists the debtor in the formal bankruptcy proceedings which shall be formalised and under the supervision of the court.


RAALC assists in liquidation procedures for the distressed companies or companies who have fulfilled their objectives, of not only in the mainland but also in the free zone established companies. RAALC assists the liquidation proceedings with the start to end formalities.

Restructuring of Business

Restructuring of business is an action undertaken to significantly pursue modifications in the operations aspects and financial aspects of the company. Restructuring in a corporate action involves reorganising legal, ownership, shareholding, operations and other structures of the company.

Corporate restructuring also focuses on change in ownerships structure, merger, demerger, response to a crisis, crisis management, repositioning, buy out, taxation, code of operations, documentations, to say. RAALC assists the company in restructuring their business, with their current issues.

Restructuring also evaluates the assets, debt liabilities and credits, etc. RAALC engages in verification of the assets and liabilities, disposing of the underutilised assets, credit collection, restructuring the debts, buying-out assets, organising controllership, KPIs, to name a few.

Restructuring shall increase the operational efficiency and substantial reduction in risks. It adds a value to the organizational hierarchy thereby increasing communication and reduction in barriers for increased productivity.



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