Diversity is our core aspect of what we are and how we work – RAALC Law Firm devolves on the principles of inclusion and diversity. It portrays a varied reflection of our society where we promote leadership and individuals.

We strive for fineness and derive excellence in diversity in all practice areas. RAALC manifolds a multifarious practice area in the field of law. Our operations encompass an assimilated and organised method in which the matters are handled. RAALC’s operations are as diverse as…starting right from corporate and litigation operations, business intelligence to financial debt management, strategic planning, technology and training and development. The divergent operations steer the way to diversity in matters.

RAALC represents a stint of a masterly structured way of operations and the procedural timeline, which manoeuvre in obtaining success in the multiplicity of legal matters managed.

We take pride in our diversity, yet a very close-knit family of lawyers. RAALC is committed to being a part of the diverse world and workplace. Encouragement at the workplace embraces the value of diversity in providing quality legal services. RAALC is a diversification of local, foreign, and multilingual attorneys and lawyers who desire and have a passion for working with the experience of legal traditions of the world. Our diverse team leads to rational and innovative thinking. The diversity in matters creates a cultural fit amongst RAALC and its valued clientele.

Our diversification regimes undoubtedly have optimistic ramifications that extend to the legal and corporate world. The truth lies in the fact that diversity is must needed in the current ever-changing legal landscape.

We choose diversity…Our clients choose us!


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Дубай (штаб-квартира)

Люкс 201, 2-й этаж, Bldg No 06 Bay Square Business Bay Dubai - UAE,128334

Электронная почта:info@raalc.ae

Телефон:+97145693370, Факс +97145693382



Люкс 1105, 11-й этаж Sarh Al Emarat Tower Buheirah Corniche Sharjah - ОАЭ

Электронная почта:info@raalc.ae

Телефон:+97165370010, Факс +97165370012

Рас Аль-Хайма

Люкс 1006, 10-й этаж Бурдж Аль Ноем-Аль-Зоваизм Корниш РАК - ОАЭ

Электронная почта:info@raalc.ae

Телефон:+97172213820, Факс +97165370012

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